Jill Ducharme, Democrat for House District 76, would bring fresh energy and dedication to Maine’s Legislature. Assisting as Jill goes door to door talking with and listening to voters, I have been impressed by her thoughtfulness, ability to communicate, and willingness to hear others’ perspectives. While working for justice and expanded opportunities, she would reach across the aisle to get things done.

Jill is a native Mainers and businesswoman particularly committed to education, the enviroment and addressing the needs of retired Mainers and the less fortunate.

Her opponent is another story. During his one term, he has distinguished himself mainly by being indistinguishable from the mass of LePage foot soldiers pursuing an unproductive agenda. On the environment, enhancing opportunity and prosperity for Maine families, and much else, the incumbent has not been on the side of progress.

Lois V. Hinckley


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