This evening I listened to the news about the presidential election campaign. It truly saddened me that our country will be run by one of the two major-party candidates.

Like the interview I saw on TV, I identify with the despondent middle-aged man who was asked about the election. He slouched, looked hopelessly around and simply said, “I think our country is heading down.” I sadly agree.

Meanwhile, our two candidates are busy displaying their ego, lying to us, promising the impossible, discussing sexual affairs, all while ignoring the serious issues we face.

How have we become so shallow that we nominated either of them? What has happened to our judgment? Faced with these two “deplorable” choices, how will I bring myself to vote for one?

I have examined the priorities I have in my life and what I expect from my government. For me, abortion is the greatest evil that our country allows and supports.

The millions of children we have killed is our nation’s shame. I have three adopted children who could easily have not been born once abortion was allowed by the Supreme Court. That makes it personal.


OK, is there a candidate who at least accepts an anti-abortion party platform? Secondly, is there a candidate who vows to nominate Supreme Court justices that lean towards revisiting Roe v. Wade and put a stop to abortion?

Yes, there is one. I will give him my vote. May God help us.

Richard LaPorte


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