Do not allow Donald Trump to become the next commander in chief.

This is a plea to my friends across the country, from “Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonapah.” To my fellow geezers and those who have recently attained the privileged status of legal voting age. But primarily to veterans of all wars in between who are disgusted with each of the two major political parties for what they do or what they don’t do.

Particularly for my friends of my generation who survived the Vietnam War. We either fought or protested, sometimes both. We marched in the streets or marched into an unwinnable war to be killed, maimed or captured. Though some veterans were reviled when they returned, to our collective shame, time has shown us that the bravery of these men and women has transcended our personal objection to that war.

It is unfair to quantify heroism, but among many the experience of John McCain stands out. Regardless of his current political persuasion or ideology, the man deserves the respect of all of us. For this reason alone, the disparaging remarks made by Donald Trump sicken me as they should sicken you, and for this reason alone Donald Trump’s aspiration to become president should be invalidated.

Don’t we as Americans owe those veterans, men and women, their families who sacrificed so much; to those who gave freely their lives, their limbs and the Gold Star families, not only the respect, but the support that they so deserve, not insults. They are who, indeed, made America great.

Peter Froehlich


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