The 22nd annual Manchester Spirit of America Foundation Awards were presented at the Manchester Lions Club Meeting Oct. 13. These awards honor those, who over a period of time, have had a significant impact on a particular city or town.

The award may be presented to one youth, one adult and one senior. It is presented to an individual most deserving of this honor based on the impact, compassion, intensity, longevity, quality, diversity and regency of the person’s volunteerism in this community. “Volunteerism” is defined to be “service without direct monetary compensation.”

Project Award is for volunteer projects performed during the past year based on the overall benefit to the community during this time period.

The Youth Award recipient is Luke Bartol, 15, life Scout, who is working on his Eagle Scout project, which is to build a bus stop shelter in the center of town. The Manchester Lions helped Luke with a monetary donation for supplies.

The Adult Award recipient is Pat Couture, a longtime Cub Scout leader who has made a difference in the lives of many boys in the area.

Adult Award recipient Garry Hinkley is a member of the Manchester Conservation Commission. Hinckley, has been involved in conservation activities in the town since 2004. During this time he has played a key role in acquiring numerous Recreational Trails Program grants. He also has been the driving force behind the yearly Roadside Cleanup, not only the actual day of work doing the cleanup, but the outreach to area business and schools getting them to participate. Hinkley is an example of an involved citizen within the community making a real difference for now and the future.

For more information, contact Diana Worthing at 623-3408.

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