In an interview that aired Monday on her TBS show “Full Frontal,” Samantha Bee asked President Barack Obama to tell a “spooky story about what happens if people don’t vote.”

“Donald Trump could be president,” Obama replied.

At the start of the Halloween interview, Obama declared that he was “dressed up as what happens when young people vote” and Bee took the opportunity to lob some friendly insults at the president.

“Someone gets really old really fast?” Bee asked. “So is that, like, white spray paint or fun Halloween cobwebs up there?”

“Sam, I’m still president for about three months,” Obama said. “Careful.”

Obama has made several late-night appearances in recent weeks, urging young people to vote in the presidential election. He appeared in a “Late Show” sketch opposite Stephen Colbert earlier this month and visited “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week for an interview and another round of the show’s trademark “Mean tweets” segment. On Friday, the president will appear on “Real Time With Bill Maher.”


“This is probably the most important election of our lifetimes,” Obama said in his “Full Frontal” interview. “The choices could not be clearer. And if we want to build on progress on issues like climate change and gender equality and making sure that everybody has health care and making sure that young people have a good education and can afford college, they’ve got to make sure their voices are heard.”

The president is a high-profile “get” for the former “Daily Show” correspondent, who launched her TBS show in February. “If this was your best idea to get young people to vote, what was your worst idea?” Bee asked. “Have you thought about going on (PBS’) ‘Antiques Roadshow’?”

“I haven’t, but it turns out that young people actually are more interested and engaged than I think we give them credit for,” Obama said, adding that his daughter Malia just voted for the first time.

Bee asked Obama to talk to her as if she were a millennial voter and got into character for the exercise. “OK, because, it’s, like I don’t even know if there is, like, any point in voting. Like, they’re both so totally flawed,” Bee said in her best vocal fry. “Like, don’t you even think it’s time to, like, upend the whole system and break everything?”

“First of all, if you’re worried about whether you can afford to go to college or not, then Hillary Clinton’s got a very specific plan and Donald Trump doesn’t,” Obama said.

“Young people have a bigger stake in this election than anybody,” he added. “I would hope that you’d be willing to take the same amount of time that you spend just looking at cat videos on your phone to make sure that the democracy’s working.”


“Sorry,” Bee said, still in character. “I was just Snapchatting myself as a bottle-nosed dolphin.”

Bee also asked Obama what he thought the “female equivalent” of birther controversy would be should Hillary Clinton become president.

“I think the equivalent will be ‘she’s tired, she’s moody, she’s being emotional,’ ” Obama said, noting that people are more likely to question why a woman would be ambitious than they would a man. “That theme, I think, will continue throughout her presidency and it’s contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.”

“What a nasty woman,” Bee deadpanned.

“After you leave office, have you thought of just whispering in Donald Trump’s ear ‘you were right, I wasn’t born here’ – just to, like, mess with him?” Bee asked.

“I think it’s fair to say I will be organizing my post-presidency to where I’m not close enough to him to whisper in his ear,” Obama said.

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