WASHINGTON — House Republicans voiced frustrations Tuesday about slow-moving efforts to unwind Obamacare, urging their leaders to pick up the pace on a top campaign promise.

“Let’s get rid of it,” Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio told reporters at a forum for House conservatives. “That’s what we told the voters we’d do.”

He wasn’t alone.

“I, too, am frustrated with the pace,” said Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania. “America needs to know what we stand for. We should vote on something.”

“We should get a plan together that we all, at least we can vote on and decide where we have the votes and where we don’t and where we need to do some work and what policies we can agree upon. And I think the failure to do that over the last four years has caught us somewhat flat-footed,” Perry said.

The frustrations reflect the dilemma facing Republican leaders caught between yearslong promises to smash the Affordable Care Act and the political reality of upending the health care system in a way that could cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance.

Party members emerged from a closed-door retreat in Philadelphia last week frustrated at the lack of progress in uniting around a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Numerous health care alternatives have been offered by Republicans, but none has won consensus in the party.