The 2017 Boston Red Sox are just getting started, but the team and its fans are already hoping to see some of that New England determination rub off when baseball season begins.

Monday was Truck Day in Boston and Red Sox fans and team personnel got the caravan rolling toward Florida and spring training on the heels of one of the greatest Super Bowls every played.

The Patriots were trailing 28-9 in the fourth quarter before rallying to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime.

Red Sox fans who recall the twin championships of 2004 – New England beat Philadelphia 24-12 to win the Super Bowl and Boston swept St. Louis to win the World Series – now have high hopes for their team.

Boston won the AL East in 2016 with a 93-69 record but lost to Cleveland in the Division Series.

Monday fans sent the supply trucks off with well-wishes and high expectations.

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