New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is defending his shirtless, beer-chugging antics during the team’s Super Bowl victory parade in Boston on Tuesday.

In a tweet posted late Tuesday he said his behavior, which included stripping off his shirt and chugging cans of beer thrown to him by fans before spiking the cans, touchdown-style, in the street, was giving “the best fans ever what they wanted.”

But there some fans weren’t amused by Gronkowski’s partying. On WEEI’s website, a tweeter identified as PeterJulie McClelland, said “This guy’s embarrassing behavior happens so frequently that it has become the new normal……for him. Stick to football, big fella. We’ll need you come July.”

And Hookway, a commenter on the Boston Globe website said: “Gronk’s tiresome act would be a little easier to take if he were available to, you know, play football a bit more often. It’s great that he never misses a party and just HAD to be the center of attention yesterday, as usual. Can’t imagine the antics of this publicity hound are a big hit with his teammates. The only untouchable on this team is Brady. Once the bloodless coach decides that Gronk is more trouble than he’s worth … well, you know the rest.”

But the majority seemed to echo the more positive Gronk-being-Gronk sentiment of Padraighin, another Globe commenter: “When does Gronk not enjoy himself? He’s a party looking for a place to happen, and he wants everyone to have as much fun as he’s having. That’s kind of endearing, in my book.”

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has some fun with a WWE belt bearing a Patriots logo in downtown Boston on Tuesday. USA TODAY Sports/Greg M. Cooper

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