AUGUSTA — Kiara Carr, of Fairfield, and her family was welcomed to the State House on April 6 by Sen. Scott Cyrway, R-Benton. During her visit, Carr was presented with a Legislative Sentiment recognizing her achievement of scoring 1,433 points as a member of Temple Academy’s girls basketball team, according to a news release from the State House.

“During her junior year, Kiara joined an elite group of Maine student athletes who have reached 1,000 cumulative points in their high school career,” Cyrway said in the release. “Kiara was not done there. By the end of this past season, Kiara had reached 1,433 points. This is incredible.

“There is no doubt that Kiara is an extremely talented athlete. The amount of time and dedication that it would take one to reach such an accomplishment must be very great. And Kiara was able to reach this achievement, all while balancing the demands of her school work and other extra-curricular activities,” Cyrway said in the release.