Sometimes the weather gets into ruts where it’s the same thing day after day.  This could be several days of snow, rain, heat or sunshine.  These patterns are easier to forecast because the weather is in stuck mode, good or bad, and it’s basically the same forecast for several days.

Into the weekend, we have a lot of changes with highly variable weather from day to day.  The bigger weather event looks to come late this week with a soaking rainstorm likely.  Wednesday and Thursday are my picks for the nicest days with the most sunshine and comfortable temperatures.  Tuesday, most areas likely bust into very mild air with even the coastline of York County reaching at least the low 60s. Portland stays on the edge of the milder air.  We might reach 65 degrees, but just as easily could stay in the upper 50s. One thing is for sure, Tuesday will be cloudy and cool at first, but be patient as it gets better as the day progresses.

The challenge with Tuesday’s forecast will be how many showers occur in the morning, how long it takes for clearing to reach Greater Portland and also temperatures.  The milder air should get most of us into the lower or even middle and upper 60s, but if the cooler air along the coast is tougher than expected, you’ll still need that jacket into the afternoon.  So be patient tomorrow; the weather will undergo a lot of changing through the day.

Milder air will nose its way into southern and central Maine Tuesday. Notice the immediate coastline is likely to still be somewhat cooler. WeatherBell

Today is a day that  features marine air holding tough over Maine.  This is  typical for mid-spring.  The map below shows temperatures around 2 p.m. this afternoon.  Notice how warm it is in Vermont. They are far enough away from the ocean to not feel its effects and a warm front will have passed that part of New England.  This front will never make it this far, keeping us in the cool zone all day.

A warm front will allow very mild air to reach western New England, but not here in Maine today. WeatherBell

After a pair of nice days Wednesday and Thursday we’re in line for a soaking rainstorm.  This will likely bring an inch or more of rainfall to the area, keeping us well saturated as we head into the second week of May.

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