JACKMAN — The teachers at Forest Hills Elementary School honored students who met their reading goals at a gala event on May 24. Parents, relatives, students, staff and community members greeted the stars as they entered the parking lot and into the school. The students included Spencer Vining, Rory Danforth, Violet Haigis, Alyssa Stevens, Sarah Woithe, Shelby Veilleux, Nynah Hughey, Wyatt Guay, Jaxson Desjardins, Brennan Begin, Matthew Hall, Kelsey Rancourt, Aaden Nadeau, Emma Vining, Macie Baker, Vaughn Varney, Landon Lemaire, Logan Lemaire, Chloe Crawford, Carroll Frigon, Jacob Bennett, Alan Crawford, Allison Dunning, Kaira Veilleux, Elexus Bauer-Pelletier, Liam Achey, Landry Allen, Maddox Cuddy, Sean Mulhall, Aaron Obert, Garrett Rohr, Brady Birmingham, Blaine Nadeau, Addison Chaisson, Sidney Birmingham, Remington Worster and Melynda Worster.

Author and illustrator Josh Alves gave two presentations about keys to cultivating creativity and shared three of his stories with a drawing demonstration. The students also attended workshops on character design and writing process. The middle school students also attended a story mapping workshop by Alves.

Alves is the illustrator of the award-winning Zeke Meeks chapter book series and creator of “Lilly Bristol, Dinosaur Wrangler,” and author/illustrator of the international award-winning interactive book “Surprise.” He also has created comics that have appeared in newspapers and magazines all over the world. Alves has made art for various apps and mobile games. He speaks at schools, libraries and conferences and loves talking about storytelling and the creative process.

The ceremony was followed by an ice cream social.

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