WALES — Oak Hill High School’s Drama Club, Little Theatre in the Woods, will present the comedy by Tim Kelly, “Help! I’m Trapped in a High School.” The theater productation will be staged at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Oct. 20-21, and 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 22.

Three ‘Valley Girl’ types and a male friend (played by Rachel Lovell, Casey Daigle, Michaella Henry and Izik Juray) find themselves transferred to a special high school because of a ‘computer mistake.’ The school is Public School Maximum Security, commonly referred to as ‘Last Chance High.’

Students assigned here are incorrigible, tough and dangerous. Last year’s Prom Queen wore brass knuckles. Naturally, the pampered Valley types are horrified and attempt to transfer out. Unhappily (for them) the principal (played by Nik Peterson) is an egomaniac who runs the place like a penitentiary. No visitors, harsh dress code, no leaving the premises — ever.

The staff is ‘el weirdo.’ The dietician, played by Nicole Camire, serves nothing but spaghetti loaf and licorice Jell-O. The janitors are London charwomen, played by Alana Verrill. The school psychiatrist, Sigmunda Fraud, (played by Susan Stinson, is victimized by flying insects. No wonder the new student teachers, played by Michaela Gervais and Katie Daigle, are frantic.

Eventually, there’s a riot, breakout and a madcap finale that will have the audience howling.

Rounding out the cast are Heaven Martin, Jared Chase, Emma Curtis, Aiden Tracy, Arianna Johnson, Noah Leclair, Leah Herrick, Raven Hunt, Jeremy Thibodeau, James Greenwood, Duncan Bisson, Rachel Gilbert and Destiny Barrett.

The production is directed by Lucy Rioux, with technical direction by David Maher. Lighting and sound designer is Linus Obenhaus and costume designer is Lyn Ballou.

General admission will cost $6 for adults and $4 for students/seniors.

For more information, contact Rioux at [email protected] or 375-6961, ext 104.

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