I hope Sen. Susan Collins does not vote for this terrible tax plan.

It has taken my husband and I a long time to recover from the great recession of 2009. We are older now (70). l cannot see how we will get through the devastation that is being perpetrated on us every day. The protections and programs that we have spent our lives working for are being destroyed daily by the sociopath and his merry band of wealthy donors playing government.

We have reached out to Collins many times to ask her not to vote for these things that are toxic to the well-being of the people of Maine. To all of the working people, the poor, the elderly, the ill, the young trying to get some kind of education, any chance of a good life is being ripped away. Will Collins stand for all the people of Maine, or those that just want to keep people ignorant and in poverty so that they always have a cheap workforce to support their wealth?

I am reaching out to her again in hopes that she will listen, even though I am just a small voice.

Carol MacDougall