A typo fit for a spell check-challenged president.

Members of Congress and their aides were shocked to find out that tickets to President Trump’s highly anticipated Tuesday night address say “State of the Uniom” — not “State of the Union,” a senior Democratic congressional staffer confirmed to the New York Daily News.

Capitol Police officers were to visit congressional offices Monday afternoon to give out new, correctly spelled tickets to those members who picked up the ones with the typo, the source said.

Trump has a history of questionable grammar over Twitter. His administration has also had a hard time with the English language, repeatedly misspelling the word “attacker” in a list of “under-reported” terrorist attacks that the White House released last February.

Another official White House statement from last January said Trump had plans to visit Israel in order to “promote the possibility of lasting peach.”

White House spokespeople did not immediately return a request for comment Monday afternoon.

Trump will hold his first State of the Union on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.

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