WASHINGTON — As President Trump is poised to give a House panel a green light to release a controversial memo against the will of the FBI on Friday, he again lashed out at his chosen leaders atop the agency and the Justice Department, tweeting that they’ve “politicized the sacred investigative process.”

Trump, who regularly touts himself as pro-law enforcement, added that “Rank & File are great people!”

Trump and his Republican allies at the House Intelligence Committee, who drafted the memo, say it shows the agency is biased against him as it investigates potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian agents and potential obstruction of that investigation by Trump.

The FBI, the Justice Department, intelligence agencies and Democrats oppose the release, saying the memo cherry-picks information to the point of inaccuracy and that publicizing it compromises national security. They also worry that Trump, whose approval is necessary to release the document, is laying the groundwork for firing officials who have oversight of the investigation.

In his Friday tweet, Trump accused the FBI of favoring Democrats “against Republicans.” He took a different tack when he fired FBI director James Comey last May, accusing him of treating the president’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, unfairly.

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