The University of Southern Maine has announced its 2017 fall semester dean’s list.

Students are listed by county and municipality.

Androscoggin County

Ellen Penley-Theis, Stacey Henson-Drake, Katelyn Parsons, Nikkita Drake, Kailee Brown, Cathleen Bender, Ansaar Mohamed, Mohamedkheir Mohamed, Elizabeth Pepin, Danielle Gagne, Emily Dumont, Heather Kidd, Kimberly Pepin, Tiana Cope-Ferland, Hannah Footer, Pamela Keehn, Olivia Pray, Victor Gervais, Nicholas Esty, Sara Fitzgerald and Akosua Kavi, all of Auburn.

Also, Juliette Sylvester, Chelsea Washburn, Margo Ruby and Madison Fleenor, all of Durham; Jacob Lamson, Izrael Ferrell-Hodges, Courtney Caouette, Brooke Laliberte, Emily Mason, Danielle Teacutter, Ashley Cyr and Sydney Sirois, all of Greene; Nathaniel Allen, of Leeds; Erica Theriault, Joanna Hughes, Meagan McDougal, Shawn Gallant, Brendon Croteau, Megan Usher, Taylor Roy, Nairus Abdullahi, Nathan Cook, Alexander Croyle, Rebecca Lapata, Dakota Tibbetts, Sydney Usher, Trisha Mabaet, Brittni Foss, Morgan Eliasen, Khafiya Dualeh, Marshall Baxter, Cade Behrman and Sophie Messina, all of Lewiston.

Also, Cameron Ramich, Eric Yim and Christian Mcgowan, all of Lisbon; Jodi Philippon, James Wrobel, Michelle Hatherley, Cosette Holmes, Rebecca Randall and Jake Angelico, all of Lisbon Falls; and Amy Fortier, Amia Pelletier and Evelyn Castonguay, all of Livermore.


Also, Kristina Larracey and Robert Porter, both of Mechanic Falls; Allyson Power, of Minot; Ashley Cleaves, Omar Gonzaga, Taylor Combs, Ally Rosenberger, Hannah Kenison, Sigrid Sibley and Mariah Lobley, all of Poland; Emily Barter, Athena Ritcheson, Kyra Gamache and Alexis Fuller, all of Sabattus; Jennilee Aldrich, Ashlynne Everett, Sage Landry and Chantel Eells, all of Turner; and Sarah Barbay, Adam Mooney, Hayden Spencer, all of Wales.

Franklin County

Furong Wang and Miranda Nicely, both of Farmington; Victoria Ouellette and Deonte Kieron Ring, both of Jay; Riley Laflin, of New Vineyard; Seve Deery-Deraps, of Rangeley; and Nicholas Hyde, of Temple.

Kennebec County

Alyssah Dennett, Hope Hoang, Julia Nicol and Aaron Emerson, all of Augusta; Aaron Verrill, of Belgrade; Alyssa Spencer, of Benton; Amelia Bailey, of China Village; Campbell Gibson, of Clinton; Brandon Hallee, of Fairfield; Eva Shepherd, Margaret Smith and Holden Smith, all of Fairfield; Erin Qiu and Benjamin Babcock, both of Gardiner; Teaka Jackson and Lindsay Jackson, both of Manchester; and Sarah Mueller and Gabrielle Thompson, both of Oakland.

Also, Sarah Poor, Brooke Brochu, Shannon Cooper and Avery Allumbaugh, all of Pittston; Zachary Bessette, Hannah Dube, Gwendolyn Walsh and Lindsay Webber, all of Readfield; Christina Juarez and Zachariah Hoyle, both of Sidney; Zachary Childs, of South China; Ariel Pelkey, of South Gardiner; Brittney Ibbitson and Isabel Foshay, both of Vassalboro; Jonathan Pinnette, of West Gardiner; Heather Rock, of Windsor; Cassandra Thompson and Kendra Goldrup, both of Winslow; and Rachael Froom, of Winthrop.


Knox County

Hayley Williams, of Appleton; Kyle Long, of Cushing; Jacob Corney, of Hope; Olivia O’Hara and Keenan Hendricks, both of Owls Head; Brooke Payne, Rebecca Boggs, Rory Polyblank, and Mackenzie Mcmahon, all of Rockland; Shea Davenport, of Thomaston; and Jesse Lucas, Olivia Ryan and Liam Morris, all of Warren.

Lincoln County

Emily Lyczkowski, Marta Conant-Rinehart and Joshua Pearce, all of Boothbay; Alexander Enders and John Keizer, both of Damariscotta; Zachary Marseglia, of Dresden; Alysa Lewandowski, of Jefferson; Bayley Pendleton, of New Harbor; Mara Gastaldo, of Newcastle; Abigail Berryman, of Round Pond; Zakariah Vanderlaan, of Southport; and Daren Wood, of Wiscasset.

Sagadahoc County

Rylie DeCato, of Arrowsic; Chloe Marr, Lynn Swanson, Tristan Kiffer, Jason Schwartz, Alison O’Malley and Nicholas Sanderson, all of Bath; George Rowe and Alana Weaver, both of Bowdoinham; Kevin Thibodeau, of Georgetown; Lauren Umberhind, of Richmond; Devyn Vermette, Maryellen Colson, Ella Carter, Christopher DerStepanian, Andrew Parker, Sophia Barnard, and Jessica Hart, all of Topsham; Hannah Bonine and Madison MacDonald, both of West Bath; and Jack Martin, of Woolwich.


Somerset County

Erika Chadbourne, of Harmony; Dominic Fazio, of Madison; and Jasmine Gordon, of Skowhegan.

Waldo County

Levi Krajewski, of Belfast; Gary Kersbergen, of Burnham; Matthew Wheeler, of Troy; Matthew Zane, of Unity; and Erin Murphy, of Winterport.

At the end of each semester, full-time, undergraduate degree students (12 credit hours or more, with a minimum of 12 letter-graded credits (A-F), and excluding developmental credits (course numbers less than 100), with grade point average of 3.6 or above will be placed on the dean’s list. Part-time students who meet the dean’s list criteria are included in the spring semester dean’s list each year.

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