The Winthrop Maine Historical Society has changed the items in its display case in the Winthrop town clerk’s room. Visitors now can see five historic T-shirts and a sweatshirt that refer to events in the life of Winthrop.

An old one was donated by Robert Pelletier, retired firefighter, which was given to him when Winthrop Fire Department celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1983.

Also, there is a sweatshirt donated by Sue Thomas, and a T-shirt, that remind us that “I Survived the Ice Storm of ’98”.

One T-shirt reminds us of a time in the early 2000s when Winthrop was trying to decide if it wanted to build a new high school. The shirt was printed and distributed by proponents of the building, and it says “It’s The Right Time For Winthrop” and “Vote Yes Sept. 28th”.

Carleton Woolen Mill memories are stirred by the last two shirts: one was given to the workers who had completed one year with no accidents, and says “Safety Works Here”; another celebrates the good times that were had by all at the big company picnics they used to put on for the employees.

The display was done by Carl Swanson, society secretary.

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