HALLOWELL — A small picket fence that connects two buildings in downtown Hallowell, the restaurant Slates and its affiliated bakery, was knocked over late Saturday night or early Sunday morning in what police say was a hit-and-run crash.

The wooden fence was attached to a small metal gate, which connected a small seating area in the parking lot of Slates Bakery to a tree-covered space behind the restaurant. But early Sunday, that fence appeared to have been ripped off the ground, then dragged some distance away.

“We believe someone from that parking area drove in through there,” said Hallowell Police Chief Eric Nason. “They had it kind of fenced off. There were some tables and chairs in the way, and somebody decided to go through there and hit the fence and hit some chairs and tables. Then they drove the fence up the street a little bit before it either became dislodged or they threw it away. Then they drove away.”

Early this week, the dislodged fencing was leaning against the side of the yellow restaurant building, which is on Water Street.

Nason did not know the cost to repair the damage or whether someone will be charged in connection with the crash.

“We’ve kind of canvassed the area, seeing if anybody has seen anything,” he said. “We could use some information to identify the vehicle that was involved.”

It’s at least the second time in recent months that police have investigated a hit-and-run crash that damaged property in downtown Hallowell. In mid-March, a security camera at the other end of downtown caught a truck coming down Winthrop Street and sliding into a snow bank on Water Street. The impact caused a street lamp to fall over and break a window on the front of an empty storefront.

Police have not charged anyone in connection with that crash, Nason said.

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