ORONO — The University of Maine recognized 2,214 students for achieving 2018 spring semester dean’s list honors.


Reilly Burgess, Averie Cloutier, Clifford Greco, Nicole Hofacker and Trevor Lessard, all of Greene; Trent Swengel, of Leeds; Amber Delaney, Jacob Foss and Luke Greenwood, all of Livermore; Nicole Castonguay, of Livermore Falls; Kayla Gayton, of Sabattus; Anthony DeGone, Brianna DeGone, Julia Dillingham, Emma Fournier, William Parkin and Hannah Varney, all of Turner; and Sadie Goulet, of Wales.


Isiah Brown, Matthew Loewen, Nathan Pratt-Holt and Casey Rogers, all of Farmington; Miles Pelletier, of Industry; Jasmine Bussiere, Austin Gilboe, Joshua Horne, Kayla Meserve, Lucas Preble, Corey Ridley and Tyler Ritter, all of Jay; Mallory Toothaker, of Kingfield; Haley Morrill, of Rangeley; Tanager Karchenes, of Stratton; Alexandra Harnden, Ivy Mitman and Reilly Romanoski, all of Strong; Sojourn Granquist, of West Farmngton; andJessie Hutchinson and Abigail Wallace, both of Wilton.


David Audet, Jaimi Clifford, Brandon Emerson, Jens Hansen, Josie Heath, Lauren Hubbard, Joshua Poland, Eva Reed, Nicholas Seile, Liam Stokes and Eric Sullivan, all of Augusta; Tristan Degen, Alexandra Dyer, Emmitt Heath and Jill Twist, all of Belgrade; Kaylee Brann, Trevor Marin and Briana Quirion, all of Benton; Aaron Brown, Ryan Duperry, Hannah Meidahl and Lilla Tilton-Flood, all of Clinton; Trevor Hamblet, Samantha King, Joseph Leclair and Jared Nutting, all of Fairfield; Cameron Fudge, Clara Irvine, Steven Longfellow, Serena Parker, Anna Schaab, Marissa Smith and Olivia Welch, all of Farmingdale; Abigail Despres, Natalie Harmon and Olivia Swimm, all of Fayette; Jared Alexander, Bass Chadwick, Nicole Chadwick and Paige Stone, all of Gardiner; Jarod Dye, Shanay Gilbert and Anna Hodgkins, all of Hallowell; Anna Keeley, of Kents Hill; Thomas Hayden, Cassidy Tibbetts and Trevor Tufts, all of Litchfield; Caden Brown, Melissa Garand, Sydney Green, Mair Guillemette, Tyler Lang, Mary-Margaret Manley and Benjamin McLaughlin, all of Manchester; Shannon Buzzell, Brandon Goff, Kaitlyn Kerrigan, Angus Koller, Anna Kulinski, Brianna Mosher, Benjamin Robichau, Paul Ruopp and Katelyn St. Hilaire, all of Monmouth; Lily Bragg and Zachary Holman, both of Mount Vernon; Emily Barnett, of North Monmouth; Forest LeBlanc, Michael Pullen, Benjamin Schaff, Joshua Schaff and Emily Warren, all of Oakland; Bradley Bailey, Adam Fortier-Brown, Andrew Moran and Matthew St. Jarre, all of Randolph; Kaitlyn Chick, Taylor Cray, Mitchell Fellows, Camille Kavanah, Grace Kavanah, Kelby Mace, Eleanor Nazar, Victoria Nolette and Ashley Russell, all of Readfield; Lillian DeLisle and Julia Schnee, both or Rome; Kyle Bernier, Daeghan Elkin, Kyle Gleason, Taylor Lenentine, Daniel Paradis and Taylor Poissonnier, all of Sidney; Luke Atchison, Lilja Bernheim, Justin Harris, Maxwell Pacholski, James Poulin, William Robertson and Tyler Rollins, all of South China; Taylor Bailey, Brianna Benedict, Joseph Connelly, Nicholas Gayer and Brody Thompson, all of Vassalboro; Alan Baez, Allen Bernier, Kellie Bolduc, Alexander Danner, Marisa Jolicoeur, Alexander Misner, Anthony Pinnette, Nicole Pinnette and Devyn Veilleux, all of Waterville; Rachel Castonguay and Jason Stevenson, both of Wayne; Katelyn Bilodeau, Thomas Colfer, Kristin Cosgrove and Olivia Turner, all of West Gardiner; Jordan Bowie, of Windsor; Nicole Fletcher, Adam Green, Sierra Harmon, Allison LeClair, Cody Maroon, Hunter McCaslin, Madison Morneault and Jacob Trask, all of Windsor; and Alison Berube, Kevin Chamberland, Matthew Ingram, Kyle Keezer, Lydia Lavoie, Andrew Pazdziorko and Brianna Smith, all of Winthrop.


Sarah Berez, Natalie Hamalainen, Cory Johnson, Nicholas Leclerc, Thomas Libby, Sarah Mitchell and Lila Ohland, all of Camden; Alexia Hilt, of Friendship; Tristan Fong, of Hope; Finley Ganz, Jacob Savage, Jane van der Schaaf and Samuel Varga, all of Union; and Antyna Gould, Jane Horovitz and Patrick Madden, all of Washington.


Andrew Hutchins, of Alna; Noah Begin, Devin Scherer and Thilee Yost, all of Damariscotta; Taylor Houdlette, of Dresden; Abigail Farrin, Julia Fasano and Bernard York, Jefferson; Aidan O’Brien, of Nobleboro; Phoenix Throckmorton-Hansford, of Somerville; Claire Lupien, Alison Nolan, Kristi Severson and Patrick White, all of Waldoboro; Cory Pedersen, of Whitefield; and Aidan Carlson, Matthew Mills, Christopher Perkins, Remy Segovia and Hannah Welborn, all of Wiscasset.


Colin Ingalls, Stephen Kent, Christine Levesque, Emily Miller and Abigail Morgan, all of Bowdoin; Daniel Feldman, Caleb Miller, Brigitte Milliken and Lydia Schneider, all of Bowdoinham; Hunter Curtis, Cameron Emmons and Vanessa Lee, all of Richmond; and Jacob Demosthenes, Alex Denis, Dylan Earl-Johnson, Emma Hutchinson, Morgan Jacobs, Sabrina Paetow, Joseph Patton, Joseph Reed, Marie Ring, Rebecca Schuman, Jessica Staples, Ismael Thadal, Rachel Thieme and Olivia Watson, all of Topsham.


Sara Taylor, of Anson; Lanie Howes and Zachary Linkletter, both of Athens; Leah Carron, of Detroit; Carroll Chapman, of Embden; Jesse Bosdell, Bailey Carter, Zachary Hale and Ciera Poulin, all of Fairfield; Arend Thibodeau, of Harmony; Lydia Elwell, of Hartland; Madison Cuddy and Ian West, both of Jackman; Grace Cowan, Allison Dean, Jacob Girgis and Joshua Girgis, all of Madison; Michaela Charles and Jaycee Cushman, both of Mercer; Dylan Belanger and Michael McNally, both of Moscow; Emilie Oesterlin, of New Portland; Kaelie Merrill and Logan Merrill, both Norridgewock; Laura Freudenberger, Ryan LaGross and Morganne Robinson, all of Palmyra; Alexander Audet, Marshall Lawler, Cassandra Miller, Anna Olsen and Aidan Peacock, all of Pittsfield; Abigail Weigang, of Shawmut; Maria Beaulieu, Kirstie Belanger, Nicolette Curran, Brooke Curtis, Brandon Lapointe, Sadie Libby, Alanna Luther, Julia Meade, David Sincyr and Alanna Wacome, all of Skowhegan; Eben Lenfest and Tanner Towle, both of Smithfield; Brandon Dixon, Allyn Foss, Melina Passalacqua and Morgen Pluntke, all of Solon.


Abigail Bergdoll and Eliana Bergdoll, both of Burnham; Briana Littlefield, of Freedom; Nyia Chituck, of Knox; Emily Lewis, of Liberty; Aine Foley and Asher Sizeler-Fletcher, both of Montville; Olivia Bradstreet, Christina Claudel, Abigail Glidden and Ryan Hamel, all of Palermo; Makayla Lessard, of Unity.

Listed are students who received dean’s list honors for spring, completing 12 or more credit hours in the semester and earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

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