PITTSFIELD — A free puppet show, Dogs to the Rescue, will begin at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 14, at Pittsfield Public Library, 110 Library St.

Dogs to the Rescue is a puppet show for families about what can be done to stop climate pollution. What makes it fun and engaging is that the story is told from a canine point of view.

“Even though we are supposed to be the trainers, dogs are quite good at getting us to do what they want,” said Dr. Wendy Ring, the show’s creator, according to a news release from the library. “I thought about how dogs would notice our changing climate and imagined what they would do to get humans to stop it. It’s a fun way to share all the ways we can act locally to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and build healthier communities.” The show is appropriate for children 3 years old and older.

The people behind the puppets are medical doctors. “We have two big reasons to care about this issue” said Dr. Rob Byron, internist and puppeteer, according to the release. “First, we are already seeing people in our hospitals and clinics with conditions caused or exacerbated by climate change. Tick borne diseases like Lyme’s and anaplasmosis are just one example. Second, the things we need for a healthy planet, we also need for healthy people: healthy food, clean air and active lifestyles.”

Aside from wielding puppets, the doctors have given hundreds of serious presentations on this topic to citizens, colleagues, and politicians and are active in a number of health professional groups advocating for climate action.

The show will visit fairs, farmers markets, libraries and churches in eastern Maine from Wells to Machias.

For more information, visit climate911.org.

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