Good Sunday morning, central Maine! The sun is back out and it’s a great day to see the last day of the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston. Check out this uplifting video we took a short while ago.

Meanwhile, it’s Aug. 19, which means it’s also National Aviation Day, National Hot and Spicy Food Day (!), and International Bow Day. Now, onto your Morning 3:

HALL CALL: When you think Maine basketball, who’s the first name you think of? If you said Cindy, you likely aren’t alone. Cindy Blodgett, the greatest player in Maine basketball history – and, look, it’s not even close – will finally take her rightful place in the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame, writes Travis Lazarczyk. Cindy grew up in Clinton and cut her teeth at Lawrence High. And now to many, she’s the gold standard for basketball excellence in Maine.


JURY FURY: Central Maine Superior Court Justice Robert Mullen isn’t messing around anymore. Doug Harlow reports that he’s so fed up with people not showing up for jury duty (endangering the ability of trials to be held) so he’s calling a recent dozen people to task and threatening a penalty if they don’t have good excuses. It’s a widespread problem in Maine that gets to the very core of freedom, civic responsibility and checks against the government. Fascinating read on an important issue.


SWEET CAROLYNN: Great read with this morning’s Five Questions business column, featuring Carolynn Taylor, the owner and operator of Sweet Carolynn’s ice cream shop in Gardiner. Taylor admits that failure is her biggest fear with the business, but that you have to keep trying and learn from your mistakes. “You want to succeed, you want to be successful. You see what the potential is down here (on Water Street) which is huge. I think Gardiner needs this,” she says. Cool attitude.

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