TECUN UMAN, Guatemala —A U.S.-bound caravan that once totaled more than 3,000 Central American migrants looked to be about a third that size Saturday morning, when its remaining members woke up on a bridge that divides the borders of Guatemala and Mexico and waited to get past a crossing guarded by hundreds of Mexican federal police.

Hundreds of migrants have already crossed, some legally, some not. Others left their spots on the bridge to go to a nearby Guatemalan town for food. It’s unclear whether any have simply turned back.

The group had burst through a Guatemalan border fence Friday and rushed onto the bridge over the Suchiate River, defying officials’ entreaties for an orderly crossing and President Trump’s threats of retaliation.

They were met by a wall of police with riot shields, and only about 50 migrants managed to push their way through before officers unleashed pepper spray.

The rest retreated, joining the sea of people in limbo between both countries.

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