Three weeks after famed brothel owner Dennis Hof died at his Bunny Ranch, Nevada voters elected him to office.

The self-described Trump of Pahrump, who had turned 72 shortly before his Oct. 16 death, cruised to a win against Democrat opponent Lesia Romanov in the Pahrump-area state Assembly, earning about 70 percent of the vote.

“It’s kind of like Moses,” his campaign manager, Chuck Muth, told Think Progress ahead of the election. “He’s not going to make it to the promised land with us … but we hope he’s watching from the great beyond.”

Because Hof died after July 4, his name remained on the ballot and the county clerk’s office posted notices at all polling places that the candidate was dead.

From here, the board of county commissioners will replace his empty seat with a member of the deceased candidate’s party.

Hof was found nonresponsive by porn star Ron Jeremy, who was in Nevada celebrating the entrepreneur’s birthday along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Grover Norquist.

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