Nothing was more satisfying and hopeful than reading that our new governor didn’t hesitate to address our lingering opioid epidemic head on. Gov. Janet Mills simply put in motion initiatives that will help save lives from here on out.

The state and federal funding will be used to buy and distribute the overdose drug naloxone along with specialized training to qualified life coaches to help begin the recovery process. The announcement put hope in the air that help is in the works for so many good, decent and productive human beings whose lives got turned upside down drug addiction.

It won’t change things overnight but it will surely put the hope back into the lives of everyone affected by the deadly and very complex disease.

We know that ongoing effective medication and treatment plans give people the best possibility of long-term recovery. Effective long-term recovery is very possible regardless of one’s treatment approach and past use.

Our new governor gave use one of the biggest tools in recovery — and it doesn’t cost a dime. That priceless tool in recovery is simply hope. If you never lose hope, you will never fail.


Todd Pooler


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