It is time to assign political caucuses to the dustbin of history.  It is time to embrace a better democratic process with the reestablishment of the presidential primary. I support L.D. 245, an act to reestablish presidential primaries in Maine.
I have voted in 13 presidential election in 54 years. Unfortunately I was mostly ignorant of the nomination system. Until the last 20 years or so, I did not know there was such a thing as a political caucus.
Since moving to Wayne, the smallest town I have ever lived in, I became more aware of the electoral environment. Most years, 20 or so other members of the town Democratic Party chatted and had a warm, friendly gathering in the caucuses. In 2016, things were a little more contentious, but civil and entertaining; there were about 50 people in attendance, a tiny fraction of the registered voters in the town.
As you probably have observed, caucuses never represent a majority of the voters in any municipality.  With all the milling about at caucuses, it feels like participatory democracy, but it is a sham process.
A statewide presidential primary election run by the state would give all of us the opportunity to vote in a crucial part of the electoral process. With polling places open eight to 10 hours, all ages of voters, workers and parents could vote. Another barrier to voting would be pulled down.
I feel strongly that every particle of the voting process is important to fortify the freedoms and liberties of our democracy.  Making the selection of the President at ground zero will safeguard our future.
Bruce Hertz

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