My house is located on Main Street in Jackman. I was born in Jackman and have lived here most of my life. I live on the left side of Route 201 as you are heading into town two blocks before the rail road tracks.

My complaint is the speed of vehicles traveling 201 in a residential area. The posted speed for most of 201 in town varies from 25 to 35 mph. I notice speeding vehicles every day in town. The worst time is after midnight, when trucks regularly fly through town at speeds over 50 mph, and Friday afternoon, when the Canadian trucks are headed home for the weekend.

Obviously I do not have a radar gun, but I have had my wife drive by our house at 35 mph, so I have a good idea gauging the speed. I have had my house shake when they drive past so fast. I have seen domestic pets, deer and small animals hit by speeding trucks. The sad part is they don’t even try to slow down.

This has been talked about year after year and nothing gets done. I have never seen a truck pulled over for speeding in my 17 years living at this location on Main Street.

I really want something done about this. I know most people who live in Jackman will agree. I am going to post this letter on Facebook. If nothing gets done I will start posting videos of speeding trucks going by my house. I am done. This is a public safety issue that is going to be addressed.


Chester Gilbert


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