I would like to express my enthusiasm and support for the Merrymeeting Trail. In the next couple of weeks, L.D. 1141 is going be taken up for consideration by our Legislature. If approved, the Legislature would direct the Department of Transportation to put Merrymeeting Trail into its work plan, a critical first step toward its construction.

I am a walker and a cyclist and I live and work in Richmond. Although it’s a beautiful area in which to enjoy bicycling, I never feel totally safe on my bike as many of the roads in and around town do not have good shoulders for bikers and the roads are busy with cars.

The idea of having a beautiful path extending from Topsham to Gardiner is exciting on many levels. The benefits include increased
physical and social well-being, increased economic activity, as well as providing everyone — Mainers and tourists — the opportunity to enjoy nature and have more access to the beautiful Kennebec River. People of all ages would enjoy the trail on foot or by bicycle. We are all encouraged to get more exercise, and this path would provide such a fantastic avenue to do that.

Maine Health together with the Maine Center for Disease Control sponsors the Let’s Go! and 5-2-1-0 programs. These programs target children, families, and adults and teach the importance of healthy living. The programs are based on the premise that if children and families are exposed to the same health messages across their community and if those places have policies and environments that support healthy choices, they will be more likely to adopt or maintain these behaviors in their daily lives. Let’s Go! is working to decrease childhood obesity, one healthy choice at a time.

If you’d like to see the Merrymeeting Trail become a reality, please let your legislators know.


Carol Minnehan


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