As modern American politicians, Dr. Albert Hyma, professor of history at the University of Michigan, said of modern American politicians, “for the past 50 years America has been under the control of men who do not know the origin and beginning of our nation.” They do not realize that the early Puritans had a tremendous impact upon this nation. One of the foremost truths that the Puritans stood for was the absolute sovereignty of God. The creator has His sovereign right because he created the entire universe.

The early Puritans emphasized such concepts as freedom of religion, freedom from dictatorship, democracy, and education based on the word of God, such as found in the early textbooks the McGuffey Readers.

The failure of the modern educational systems, which have not benefited and improved American morals, and have neglected to teach the 10 Commandments and love for our fellow man, have left young children without morals and ethics.

The laws of Puritan New England colonies were made up of mostly of the word of God. It showed how they looked to the Bible for good and sound government.


Marcel LeRoi


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