This is a crucial time for the direction of our city and it is critical that we elect the best candidate to represent us as a city councilor. The best candidate is without question Heather Pouliot.

Heather has experienced life in other cities and states, and she will bring new ideas and creative solutions to the problems we face. She is committed to serving her hometown and will be a true advocate for all Augusta residents.

She has a motto, “If not me, then who,” and she lives it daily, volunteering her time to help our community grow and prosper. Heather is dedicated to making Augusta a place we are all proud of. She is a forward thinker, eager to listen and see all sides of any issue in order to bring forth the best solution possible. Her goal first and foremost is to improve all aspects of our community.

I wish her the very best on Nov. 5 and urge my Augusta neighbors to cast their vote for Heather Pouliot for City Council at-large.

Laura Lewis