WATERVILLE — One man was injured after his pickup truck rolled over in a multi-vehicle crash in one of the city’s main shopping centers, further backing up traffic amid busy Black Friday congestion.

The crash was reported about 12:20 p.m. and happened at the intersection on Main Street in front of Elm Plaza.

Brenna Bushey, who was in a Volkswagen Tiguan, says that the light was green when she entered the intersection. The driver of a white Chevrolet Silverado entered the intersection near Elm Plaza when the light was green, but traffic was backed up and the light went red before he could exit the intersection, according to Sgt. Joshua Woods of the Waterville Police Department.

Woods said that the increase in traffic congestion was likely due to Black Friday shopping.

Once the traffic lights changed, Bushey’s vehicle entered the intersection and collided with the truck, causing it to roll over on its side in the road. Bushey’s vehicle continued to roll forward and came to a stop when it hit a white Chevy Silverado at a low speed, which was not damaged.

The front end of Bushey’s vehicle was damaged in the crash.

Police said they did not immediately have the name of the injured person, who could be seen being assisted out of the tipped truck.

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