An SUV crashed into the Prompto 10 Minute Oil Change at 6 Thomas Point Road in Brunswick late Friday morning. Darcie Moore / The Times Record

BRUNSWICK — No one was injured when a SUV crashed through the Brunswick Prompto 10 Minutes Oil Change at 6 Thomas Point Road shortly after 11 a.m. Friday.

The driver of a 2007 Dodge Durango lost control while leaving the gas pumps at the adjacent Cumberland Farms, crossed a median and crashed into the side of Prompto, according to Brunswick police. The business was open and full of customers, according to a news release.

“Quick-acting employees of Prompto were able to get the two occupants out of the Durango and to safety, as well as evacuating the customers who were inside of the building at the time of the impact,” the release states.

The driver, a 42-year-old woman from West Bath, and her infant son were checked by Brunswick medics but were not taken to the hospital. Police have not released their names.

The vehicle drove into one of the exit doors of the building, said Brunswick Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Emerson.

Contractors were called to shore up the building and a structural engineer will need to assess the damage before the business can open. Emerson said the building will likely require extensive repair.

“Thankfully nobody got hurt,” Emerson said. “This is an area where usually people are standing and cars are coming in and out of here so it’s just luck nobody got hurt.”

Damien Wright, an employee at Prompto, said he saw the car approaching and yelled to his co-worker to move out of the way.

“The car hit and I said, instantly, ‘Everyone out of the building,'” Wright said.

He went to check on the driver, who was buckled, shaking and still holding onto an ice cream cone.

“I reached over and unbuckled her. I was like, ‘We need to get out of the vehicle,’ because stuff kept falling down. I didn’t know if the building was coming down.”

It was only Justin Malkoch’s second week working at Prompto. He got the baby out of the car seat and covered the infant with Wright’s sweatshirt.

Ron Murphy, an assistant manager at Prompto, said the driver told him she was parking at Cumberland Farms next door and her gas pedal got stuck.

“The good thing is that nobody got hurt,” he said.

Police don’t expect to issue any charges in Friday’s crash, which is still under investigation.

An SUV left a large hole in the Prompto 10 Minute Oil Change in Brunswick Friday morning. Darcie Moore / The Times Record








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