Do you feel the environment you live inside-of is as important to your health and wellbeing as the one outside your door? Do you place equal value in where and how you live as you do in what you eat and where it comes from? What if you could minimize your carbon footprint by living in a building that is carbon conscious and in an urban and walkable neighborhood? What if you wanted to ‘live light on the earth’ but didn’t want to sacrifice the fit, finish and amenities you’re used to?

Starting with the goal of building one of Portland’s finest properties and believing that our built environment should do much more than fulfill a basic need for shelter, Tom Landry and CornerStone Building & Restoration developed Solaris, a new 9-unit building on Portland’s coveted East End that will be ready for occupancy this time next year.

Materials and technologies used in construction will re-define efficiency and require little to no maintenance. Triple-pane windows provide maximum insulation from heat, cold and all but eliminate street noise. Uber efficient heat-pump technology offer owners’ complete control of heating and air conditioning at remarkably low cost of operation.

All units are bathed in natural light with expansive windows and many units have water views. The building includes garage parking with an electric vehicle charging station at each spot, an elevator, storage and private decks. Raised garden beds with organic soil are also available to each owner. Pets are welcome!

With several sophisticated yet understated fixture and finish options to choose from, you can create your dream home while minimizing your impact on the environment: low/no VOC paints, recycled and sustainable materials and energy efficient appliances; all standard. There are also several carbon-conscious and low EMF upgrades.

Solaris will also be home to one of Portland’s first larger scale residential solar farms. Over 70 solar panels will be installed on the roof, and projected to offsetting 50% of the entire building’s electric use. Talk about forward thinking.

Healthier living and a healthier planet starts with deliberate choices. Solaris provides the ability to live life in a conscious and sustainable way, making it nearly effortless to reduce your carbon footprint.

Today, Sunday Dec. 29 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., join Benchmark Real Estate at the opening of their new office at 104 Washington Ave in Portland and see the Solaris showroom. Visit to learn more or contact Tom Landry at 207-775-0248;

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