Security officers at the Cumberland County Courthouse in Portland arrested a man they say brought two loaded handguns into the building this week, News Center Maine reported Thursday.

Michael N. Noble Courtesy of Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Michael N. Noble, 46, of Gray faces two counts of unauthorized possession of a firearm in a courthouse. Each count is a Class D misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Noble came to the courthouse Tuesday morning regarding a traffic violation and entered through the door on Newbury Street, which is staffed by judicial marshals, the TV station reported.

He put some belongings on an X-ray machine’s conveyor belt and walked through a metal detector, which went off, according to News Center Maine (WCSH-WLBZ).

Marshals asked Noble questions but he was not cooperative, and after searching him, they found two loaded firearms, the TV station said.

“When one (gun) was found he was still not willing to give up the second one,” said Mike Coty, the director of Judicial Marshals and Emergency Services for the county. “I believe that is not what a normal person would do.”

Noble was booked at Cumberland County Jail, but has since been released from the facility.

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