The Anson Fire Department received a donation of a firetruck from the Newbury Fire Department in Newbury, Massachusetts, on Friday.

Newbury Fire Department’s Captain Brandon Ivone, who owns a camp in Embden, was asking about getting a burn permit and tree removal work done with Anson Firefighters Kory and Daryel Partridge. Anson Fire Department Chief Stacey Beane said that “one thing led to another” and Ivone asked if the department would be interested in receiving a truck that was otherwise going to be taken out of service by the Newbury Fire Department.

Anson Fire Chief Stacey Beane, left, meets with Newbury Fire Captain Brandon Ivone who delivered his department’s firetruck to the Anson Fire Department on Friday. Contributed photo

“It means a lot for our department because it gives us another backup truck,” Beane said Friday. “This saves the people of Anson tax money, which was what I was interested in.”

Conversations ensued between the fire chief and Ivone before the offer went to the Board of Selectmen, who decided unanimously to accept the gift.

“We are so thankful for our Newbury neighbors for this great gift for our small community,” Anson Town Administrator Tammy Murray said.

Beane said that the truck was made in 1992, has a 1,000 gallon tank, and has about 40,000 miles and about 3,000 hours on it. Ivone drove the vehicle to the fire department Friday, bringing the town’s complement to four firetrucks between the stations in Anson and North Anson.

“We can put more people in this truck, it holds more air packs and more people can use this vehicle to stay warm at fire scenes,” Beane said.

“This is a small community, and we just don’t have the funds to purchase a new firetruck,” Murray said. “The town and the residents are so excited to have the truck and a big thanks to Kory Partridge and Brandon Ivone for making this happen for the town of Anson. It is so nice to see a community from another state willing to help out our small community. Firefighters sure do care about one another.”

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