The parent company of Maine Medical Center is exploring whether the state’s manufacturing and construction industries can help fashion and supply the masks, face shields, gloves and protection equipment needed to handle the growing wave of coronavirus testing and treatment expected in the state’s hospitals.

MaineHealth reached out over the weekend to the state’s industrial sector, amid a pending national shortage of protective and testing equipment. The move is part of a national trend, as states across the country suffer from a shortage of needed equipment and supplies to fight the viral outbreak.

Many Maine companies are stepping up after the call, said Lisa Martin, executive director of the Manufacturers Association of Maine.

MaineHealth said that given reports of shortages nationwide, and the fact that a disease outbreak of this kind is inherently unpredictable, its has instituted conservation measures and started looking for new sources of supplies.

“Part of that includes outreach to manufacturers to see if any in our region are able to make equipment that would supplement our usual sources,” MaineHealth said Monday in a statement. “The list of potential supplies that we would be interested in sourcing is deliberately extensive and meant to cover all possible contingencies and is not an indication that we are short, or expect to run short, on any particular item at this time.”

MaineHealth said the outreach is in the earliest stages, and it is still trying to determine whether any area manufacturers have the ability to support its efforts.