Skowhegan firefighters tethered to shore stand abreast of a Toyota RAV4 SUV sitting in the Kennebec River with its driver atop the roof. The firefighters responding to the Wednesday night crash brought the woman to shore and took her to the hospital for evaluation. Skowhegan Police Department photo

A 24-year-old woman from Norridgewock was rescued from the roof of her car after she drove it off the road and into the Kennebec River on Wednesday night.

Allison Wolfe, who was sitting on the roof of the vehicle when officers arrived, was charged with operating under the influence.

Skowhegan Police Chief David Bucknam said that Officer Andrew Bowman and Sgt. Tim Williams responded to the crash on U.S. Route 2 between Malbons Mill Road and Parkman Hill Road at about 11:55 p.m. When they got to the river, the officers found Wolfe atop a brown 2015 Toyota RAV 4 off the road and in the river with water up to the headlights.

Skowhegan Fire Department also responded to the call, and firefighters Matthew Winter and Tom Lyons walked out to the submerged vehicle to help Wolfe off the roof of the vehicle and out of the river.

Wolfe was taken to Redington-Fairview General Hospital to be evaluated for injuries from the crash and any effects of being stranded in the river on a cold night.

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