University of Maine Cooperative Extension offers a wide selection of publications  relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, including some newly developed to address specific concerns during this time, according to a news release from the extension.

New publications include:
• #4103 Social Distancing: What is it? Why do it? And How to Make the Time at Home with Your Kids Fun;
• #1065 How Can Livestock Farmers Prepare for the Coronavirus Outbreak?;
• #1066 Standard Operating Procedures on Your Dairy Farm: Prepare Now!; and
• #1067 Guidelines For Maine Dairy Farmers Requiring Temporary Relief Workers Where a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Positive Case Has Been Suspected or Identified.

Additional resources are the newly updated #4336 Best Ways to Wash Fruits and Vegetables and #4067 The ABCs of Hand Washing. Other publications of interest include those on home gardening and nutrition.

The publications can be found at

Many UMaine Extension bulletins are available for free download. Browse the full publications catalog of almost 750 bulletins and books.

For more information or place an order, call 581-3792 or email  [email protected].

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