Where is my check from the federal coronavirus aid bill?

While many Americans have already received their funds through direct deposit, many Social Security recipients, retirees and veterans are wondering when they will.

Most will not need to do anything in order to receive payments of $1,200 per individual, $2,400 for married couples and $500 per child.

The first wave of checks began April 13 and were sent to citizens who filed taxes for 2018 or 2019 and authorized direct deposit payments. Those who have not provided the IRS with direct deposit information may have to wait weeks or even months to receive a paper check.

To qualify, a person’s adjusted gross income must be below $75,000 for individuals or married filing separately, $112,500 for head of household filers and $150,000 for a couple filing jointly.

Taxpayers with an adjusted gross income above $99,000, $136,500 or $198,000, respectively, will not receive a check. Others who do not qualify include people in the country without legal permission, individuals without Social Security numbers and adults who are listed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.


Social Security recipients will receive their payment the same way they receive their SSI payment — by direct deposit or paper check, the IRS said. Those who receive Veteran Affairs benefits will receive their money in the same matter.

The IRS has set up an online portal for residents not required to pay taxes so they can provide their information, including children, in order to receive their additional $500 per child. Without this information, recipients may have to wait a year before receiving their $500 per child benefit.

Those wishing their funds arrive earlier can file their banking information with the IRS in order to receive their money by direct deposit instead of by paper check.

To check the status of your funds, go to the IRS website.

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