A Westbrook man drove his vehicle into another car outside the Cumberland County Jail on Sunday night, pushing it into the building because he was upset that someone was being released on bail, police said.

Muka Kabala Photo courtesy of Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Muka Kabala, 51, went to the jail around 11 p.m. and rammed the vehicle, triggering a large police response, Portland police Lt. Robert Martin said. Portland officers blocked the exits to the jail complex, which is accessible from Congress Street, and used two armored vehicles to block Kabala.

At some points, Kabala pointed his vehicle at officers and drove toward them, but he stopped short of striking anyone, Martin said.

He surrendered once he was completely blocked in by police, Martin said. The standoff lasted about an hour.

Police are seeking to charge Kabala with aggravated criminal mischief, attempted aggravated assault, felony reckless conduct and operating after suspension of his license. Kabala was arrested and was in custody at the jail Monday night.

Martin said he didn’t know the identity of the prisoner whose pending release spurred the incident.

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