I have good news, bad news and good news.

First the good. Trump and his shameless money and power grab will end in a few months. I do pray we survive to see him move out of our house. I wish that were a joke; nearly 100,000 Americans have died in 10 short weeks during his terrifying rein.

Now the bad. Our new president, Joseph Biden, will enjoy all the money and power grab that Trump took from our democracy and balance of power. Precedents have been set. Oversight is so yesterday. But if we do not demand better, and if Democrats are as silently complicit as Republicans have been since 2016, Biden will grab even more with impunity.

Pity the GOP. Now muzzled out of fear of Trump and worry they will lose re-election, they will have no credibility nor moral high ground to criticize or check Biden.

But there’s more good. Democrats will not sit by silently if Biden tries to govern like Trump (not that he will). Both the White House and the Senate will flip Democratic as Americans finally get a chance to punish them all. In particular, Senate President Mitch McConnell. The House will gain a few more blue seats.

But unlike the GOP, Democrats will not hesitate to punish Biden. We want our country back and will not stop until we get it.

Liz Mockler

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