PORTLAND — The long-admired artwork of Father Paul Plante is available for purchase at paulplante.com that serves as both a canvas of his talent and a tribute to his indelible legacy, according to a news release from Dave Guthro, communications director, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.

Cardinal by Father Paul Plante. Photo courtesy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland

The work of Plante, who died in June 2016, has been featured in art galleries around the country. His most famous work focuses on the eyes of songbirds, hawks, ducks, and other birds in 4.5-inch by 4.5-inch oil pastel paintings. The paintings reflect his fascination with birds, their spirit and their furtive nature. His portfolio also includes fish, plums, apples, and more. The work is searchable by collection and category on the new website.

Visitors to the site also will have the chance to explore a few of the many other contributions made by Plante during his life. One section features his homilies, while another is dedicated to his professional experiences and even includes the words of the artist himself.

“I look at my artwork with the same awe that makes me wonder who I am as a person,” reads part of Plante’s writings. “In many ways, I’m discovering myself in my art. I also sometimes feel as though the depths of my being are exposed through my art. When the result in another person is joy or awe and wonder, it makes it all worthwhile.”

A Sanford native, Plante attended St. Ignatius Elementary and Junior High School taught by the Ursuline Nuns and the Brothers of Christian Instruction. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 8, 1971, by Archbishop Peter L. Gerety at St. Ignatius Church in Sanford. After his ordination, he served as chaplain of the Portland hospitals (1971); parochial vicar at St. Louis Church in Auburn (1971-75), St. Joseph Church in Biddeford (1975-76), and Holy Cross Church in Lewiston (1976-85); parochial vicar as well as rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland (1985-93); and pastor of St. John Church in Winslow (1993-2004) and Our Lady of the Lakes Parish in Oquossoc (2004-16). In 2009, he was assigned as Vicar for Priests while remaining pastor of Our Lady of the Lakes.

At the request of Plante, all proceeds from the website will be given to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to be used for diocesan needs.


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