Anyone who has paid attention to local politics in the last few years has read about Chloe Maxmin. Her accomplishments for someone so young are astounding. She is the Maine House representative for District 88, a community organizer, passionate about environmental issues, etc. Her concern about issues both local and national has been evident since her high school days.

What Chloe represents at this time of confusion, even despair, is a different voice and approach to politics. I am encouraging every voter to seriously consider her candidacy for state senator in District 13.

Forget about politics and parties and vote for a most unusual politician. Chloe has a true moral sense. Her concern and ability to listen to any and everyone regardless of his political persuasion is in itself not a quality associated with most politicians. Her honesty, compassion, intelligence and understanding are desperately needed at this troubled time in our political environment.

So I will say again, forget about political platforms and vote on Nov. 3 for a true human being who has the ability to bring her unique voice and talents to Maine.

Suzanne Hallett

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