AUGUSTA — Cony High School has announced that the following awards, prizes and scholarships were previously awarded, according to a news release from the school.

Alice Reynolds Scholarship: Cecilia Guadalupi
Allison Rollins Lucas Scholarship: Cameron Letendre
Anastasia Schneider Memorial Fund Award — two awarded: Emily Houston and Evan Galego
Anastasia Schneider Memorial Scholarship — two awarded: Katherine Boston and David Barley
Arion Music Award for a deserving member of band: David Barley
Arion Music Award for a deserving member of chorus: Katherine Boston
Arlene Lipman Memorial Scholarship: Katherine Boston Athletic Watch Award for those seniors who received nine or more varsity letters — 12 awarded: Jillian Brown, Sarah Cook-Wheeler, Cecilia Guadalupi, Faith Leathers-Pouliot, Emma Levesque, Mallory Turgeon, Linelys Velazquez, Dakota Andow, Iain McCollett, Simon McCormick,
Myles Quirion and Zachary Whitney
Augusta Elks Lodge 964 Scholarship — two awarded: Molly Dutil and Julia White
Augusta Rotary Club Scholarship: Mallory Turgeon
Aveda Institute Maine Scholarship: Kaley Trask
B. Louise Davis Webber Art Scholarship: Mallory Turgeon
Barbara Hughes Hanson Memorial Scholarship: Meredith Lewis
Bethlehem Lodge 35 AF & AM Scholarship: Sarah Cook-Wheeler
Butch Champagne Memorial Scholarship: Iain McCollett
Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — Maureen Redman Rodrigue Memorial Scholarship — two awarded: Paige Coaty-Neff and Willow Lorgeree
Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — in Memory of Arnold Selwood: Marian Arthur
Capital Area New Mainer Scholarship — two awarded: Nada Al Hoshan, andNathan Rivera Ayala
Charles McGrail Scholarship: Simon McCormick
Chrisanne Burns Memorial Scholarship: Emily Douglas
Class of 1943 Scholarship: Josephine Nutakki
Coach Kenney Cony Ice Hockey Leadership Honorary Scholarship: Collin Osborne
Cony High School Scholarship — four awarded: Audrey McLaughlin, Jada Genest, Ayannah Osman and Joshua Martin
Curtis W. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship: Cecilia Guadalupi
Dennis Cullenberg Memorial Scholarship: Simon McCormick
Director’s Award for Chorus: Julia White
E.A. Hussey Award — two awarded: Julia White and Simon McCormick
E. Jean Andrews Scholarship in Memory of E. Jean and John Andrews — two awarded: Jillian Coull and Samantha Melland
Ebbie S. Brooks Award: Ian Harden
Edward E. Gage Family Scholarship Trust Fund — four awarded: Sophia Whitney, Megan Greaton, Carly Lettre and Mallory Turgeon
Edward I. Albling Math Award: Mallory Turgeon
Elinor Newman and Ernest S. Grant Award for Mathematics — two awarded: Jasmine Daly and Logan Butler
Elsie & William Viles Foundation Scholarship — for outstanding character and academic ability attending a Maine College or University: Emma Levesque
EMBARK — three awarded: Kaylee Cushing, Porscha Ware and Alexander Audette
Emmanual Lutheran Episcopal Church Scholarship: Cecilia Guadalupi
Esther Dachslager Scholarship: Willow Lorgeree
Ethel J. Viles Scholarship: Molly Dutil
Evelyn Norton & Priscilla F. Wilkins Scholarship Fund: Jillian Coull
FLAME award: Joshua Martin
Frank Hewins Jr. Award: Julia White
Gardiner Federal Credit Union: Caroline Mosca
Geoffrey Brown Book Award — two awarded: Jessica Guerrette and Mallory Turgeon
Hawes/Jones Family Scholarship Fund: Gabriella Campbell
Jerome H. Barnett Award: Dakota Andow
John Manter Award — two awarded: Emily Houston and Iain McCollett
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Evan Galego
Jon Crockett Memorial Scholarship: Collin Osborne
Kennebec Behavior Health Scholarship: Jillian Brown
Kiwanis Club of Augusta Scholarship  — two awarded: Jasmine Daly and Ian Harden
Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship: Julia White
Lawrence Harold Leighton Memorial Scholarship: James Van Doren-Wilson
Lawrence Soule Memorial Scholarship: Nhasino Phan
Lee Herbert Leighton Memorial Scholarship: Leighton Gidney
Lisa J. Turgeon Memorial Scholarship — two awarded: Faith Leathers-Pouliot and Linelys Velazquez
Liyanage-Don Family Memorial Scholarship — two awarded: Sarah Cook-Wheeler and Jessica Guerette
Lou Ochmanski Scholarship: Gage Bernstein
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: David Barley
Loyal Cony Supporter Award in Memory of Dorothy Giddings: Nathan Surette
Mabel A. Richmond Prize: Cecilia Guadalupi
Mabel Thompson Art Award: Porscha Ware
Maine Elks Association-Most Valuable Student Award: Julia White
Maine Principals’ Award: Simon McCormick
Maine Veteran’s Home Resident Council Scholarship: Jessica Guerrette
Mallary Dulac Memorial Scholarship: Faith Leathers-Pouliot and Madison Riggs
Mary O’Connell Memorial Scholarship: Chloe Fleck
Maynard “Bob” Young Memorial Scholarship: Willow Lorgeree
Melanie Ann Cote: Caroline Mosca
Meylon Grant Kenney Academic & Athletic Excellence Honorary Scholarship: Katherine Boston
National School Choral Award: Katherine Boston, David Barley
Nora E. Jackson Scholarship Fund: Meredith Lewis
Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award: Gage Bernstein
Peter L. Dionne Memorial Scholarship — two awarded: Logan Butler and Joshua Wroten
Philippe E. Michaud Distinguished Service Award: Meredith Lewis
Raymond Falconi Scholarship: Ian Harden
Richard McGuire Scholarship: Cameron Letendre
Richard Moreau Memorial Soccer Scholarship — two awarded: Linelys Velazquez and Simon McCormick
Robert P. and Gladys M. Sawyer Memorial Scholarship: Molly Dutil and Caroline Mosca
Robert Wing — American Awards Scholarship: Simon McCormick
Ronald “Hoppy” Hopkins Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Lapierre
Sally Pike Memorial Scholarship Fund: David Barley
Sandra Lipman Art Scholarship: Nhasino Phan
Scot Laliberte Memorial Scholarship — two awarded: Jillian Brown and Myles Quirion
Skowhegan Savings Bank: Gage Bernstein
Spanish Book Award: Ian Harden
Spanish Club Scholarship: Emma Levesque
Tardiff/Fine Scholarship: Mallory Turgeon
Theresa Brannigan Award: Sarah Cook-Wheeler
Tri-Athlete Award — seven awarded: Dakota Andow, Jordan Brooke, Sarah Cook-Wheeler, Carly Lettre, Emma Levesque, Caroline Mosca and Mallory Turgeon
Tyler/Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship: Nathan Rivera Ayala
United Volunteers of Maine: Nathan Rivera Ayala
Whitfield Lions Club Scholarship: Simon McCormick
William H. and Allie M. Garside English Prize — two awarded: Mallory Turgeon and Caleb McDougal
William & Elsie Peavey Scholarship: Molly Dutil