I have never been a fan of Facebook. Perhaps this is why.

A few days ago a friend told me that she had read on Facebook a number of complaints about a local restaurant. Apparently those who posted were very upset that they were required to wear masks in the restaurant. I had eaten there shortly before the post and was impressed with the efficiency and cleanliness. My group had been hoping to eat outside, but the deck was full so we decided to try the inside, although we felt a little skeptical.

We were asked to wear masks as we entered and were offered one if we did not have it. The tables were arranged well away from each other and all the employees had their faces covered. Masks are not required while seated at your table, but we were politely reminded to wear them when we used the bathroom or walked around the room. My friends and I left there feeling well fed and safe.

I would like to thank Randy Anderson and Doolin’s Pub for providing such a lovely experience in these times when some of us of a certain age are afraid to venture out.

I would encourage folks who haven’t tried Doolin’s to go there and enjoy the atmosphere and great food. But if you don’t plan to follow the rules then stay home. Those rules are for the protection of people like me.

Diane Clay


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