Sara Gideon gets my vote for U.S. Senate. Her commitments to education and health care along with her principled, on-the-ground leadership are three big reasons.

Sara’s first public service was on her local school board. I think that is a great foundation for a U.S. Senator to have. She understands how important schools and access to education really are. Under her leadership, Maine expanded access to early childhood education, protected Maine students from predatory lenders, negotiated a budget that invested heavily in K-12 education, and worked to make sure that for-profit colleges meet educational standards.

About health care, I watched her, as House Speaker, fight smart and steadily to expand Medicaid and access to life-saving opioid overdose medication when the former Governor opposed these measures, among other examples. She worked hard to implement Medicaid expansion and protect people with pre-existing conditions. As Maine’s Senator in Washington, Sara will work for every Mainer to have access to affordable, quality health care.

Sara has the proven ability to bring people together and move forward because she listens to all views and finds common ground when possible. When it’s necessary to fight, she has shown over and over that she does that well too, both to move our State forward and to prevent backsliding. It’s an understatement to say that there is much work to do, for Maine and for our nation in the coming years. Sara Gideon is the best candidate to fight for the people of Maine in the U.S. Senate–and to do it effectively.

Jennifer Wriggins


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