Winthrop Maine Historical Society to host Carl Swanson from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday, July 9, via Zoom. A business meeting will follow, according to a news release from the society.

Carl Swanson Photo courtesy of the Winthrop Maine Historical Society

Swanson’s talk about “The History of the Winthrop Historical Society, Part II” will continue on from where Part I left off at his talk last September, after first doing a quick review of Part I material. He will cover the years from the 1960s, when we first hear of the society’s beginnings, up until 2009 as time allows. The society reminds one of a candle that burns brightly at times, but almost goes out in other years. He will show what happened at the monthly meetings, projects attempted, even the search for a building for the society. 

Swanson was one of the founding members of the current society that began in 2010, and has been a board member and secretary all but one of the past 10 years. He has helped with many of the projects and meetings during that time, such as the town calendar, art show, archiving, and display cabinets.

This is his fourth presentation, having spoken previously about Winthrop’s Early Industry and Early Agriculture. He has lived in Winthrop the past 56 years, and worked for Howard Harriman, Inmont Corp., Carleton Woolen Mill, Winthrop Commerce Center, and D & D Realty (Inmont building).

To join the Zoom meeting, visit Meeting ID: 810 9663 6540

For more information, email Nick Perry at [email protected].