As a concerned citizen living here in Maine, I find myself absolutely fed up with the affairs of state. I see a democracy that is crumbling under the weight of a corrupt and ineffectual federal government, and believe that we must do something about it. I see an opportunity concerning the U.S. Senate, where a chance for needed change exists. 

I look to a candidate who would truly represent, work and truly fit the bill for us as a senator: Sara Gideon, a Democrat who is Maine’s speaker of the House. She is a very experienced, knowledgeable, and forthright arbiter for the citizens of Maine, and I know that Sara Gideon is the real deal.

I have met her. She is honest, respectful, considerate and open minded. She listens to what one has to say and really hears what they say. I’ve had very fruitful discussions with her about topics of concern to me as a senior citizen; namely health care, skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs, Social Security and other issues, including reforming the way the federal government works, civil rights, jobs, the economy, environment, taxes and education.  

She understands and is determined to see to it that we live our lives the way we hopefully want to, and will work hard to do just that.

She stands in contrast to Susan Collins, a senator who knows only the requirements of the corporations, the wealthy, and the powerful.

From this study in contrast, I see clearly that Sara Gideon is the one, the real one, for us, the citizens of Maine.

William Tibby

Mount Vernon

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