If you have not already voted by absentee ballot, please consider picking Chris Hamilton for House District 88. He would be a great representative for Whitefield, Chelsea, Jefferson and the part of Nobleboro included in our district. Chris has been a neighbor of ours for decades, and he is a good neighbor. You know the kind, a person on whom one can count to be there to help in an emergency, without having to be asked.

He takes a common-sense, sensible, practical approach to things and is known to work well with different kinds of people. Chris is a native Mainer with values we share. As a business owner and operator, he has multiple levels of experience. His work in development, fundraising and administration spans a diverse group of organizations.

Howie had a dental practice in Augusta for years, which Karen helped run. We are mostly retired now and spend our time pursuing our passions, but we have lived and thrived in Whitefield and understand the kind of person we need to represent these towns in Augusta. Chris is it.

If you feel that we could use someone who can listen to differing opinions while keeping an open mind, one who cares about proper education, jobs, small business and the environment, consider voting for Chris Hamilton.

Karen and Howie Nielsen


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