Since I was a young girl, I’ve valued and been a regular customer at the post office. My father was a stamp collector (philatelist) and showed me the beauty of postage stamps from our nation and the world. I have lived in another country in the Western Hemisphere that did not have good postal service and learned there what a critical and truly special post office service we in the U.S. have.

I still enjoy sending and receiving personal mail through the U.S. Postal Service. It’s part of the fabric of our nation’s history and present.

I’m terribly dismayed at what is happening under the new U.S. Postmaster General: cutting hours; removing machinery that helps the post office do its work; delaying mail delivery; and much more. At a time when our nation is in a pandemic and a crucial election year and relying on the U.S. Postal Service more than ever to communicate and share with loved ones, to communicate with local, state and federal agencies, to receive communications from those same agencies, and to vote in important elections, why would the Postmaster General take these actions?

As a wise postal worker said to me recently, “The Post Office is about people, not politics.” So true, but sadly, the federal leadership is making it all about politics. Please contact your federal elected officials to express that our post office system receive the funding it needs to continue doing the excellent work that it does and has been doing since Benjamin Franklin’s days and to play a significant role in the upcoming elections.


Susan Parks


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