Members of Troop 428 Pittsfield and Troop 485 held a joint Court of Honor last weekend at Camp Bomazeen.
The pandemic and quarantine circumstances did not hold these scouts back from advancing in rank or learning about new potential careers or hobbies through the merit badge program.
The following scouts advanced in rank: Connor Files, Noah Wiswall and Dillon Whitney each earned Life Scout Rank; Owen Riddle and Walter Hautanen earned First Class Rank; and Cayden LaPointe, Thomas Gage and Logan Dawe earned Scout Rank.
Eleven Scouts also earned 78 merit badges across 54 different areas. Their badges were quite varied in subject and some examples include: Golf, composite materials, orienteering, Indian lore, architecture, sculpture, genealogy, basketry, shotgun shooting, pottery, nuclear science, music, wilderness survival, scuba diving, kayaking, welding, art, insect study, dog care and citizenship in the nation.
Omar Jawo, Carl Tilton, Logan Dawe, Cayden LaPointe and Thomas Gage also received their Totin Chip and Firem’n Chit credentials.
Michael Connolly and Owen Riddle were presented with their STEM Nova Awards. Finally, Michael Connolly, Taylor Hayden, Noah Wiswall, Jeremiah Wiswall and Owen Riddle each earned the Messenger of Peace Award through their participation in the National Project to clean up 1,000,000 pieces of trash.
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